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Read last executed SQL statement from a memory dump

In this post I’m going to show you how to diagnose SQL exceptions using memory dumps. Imagine you have a web application deployed on a production server. Your application is using Elmah configured to log all exceptions to a dedicated

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Forget PowerPoint – make a slideshow in… a debugger :)

Few days ago I had a presentation in the Warsaw .NET Group about PDB files. To make the slideshow more attractive (or rather original:)) I decided to replace the PowerPoint with something more connected with the subject, such as… the

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Take advantage of Reference Paths in Visual Studio and debug locally referenced libraries

Are you using NHibernate or other open-source library in your project? I’m pretty sure that you are. Have you ever wondered what’s happening “under the cover” when you call Session.Get or perform a query? You probably did. The problem is

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Remote debugging with Visual Studio 2010

I’ve recently needed to remotely debug a .net desktop application with Visual Studio 2010. After having read the MSDN documentation on this subject I still missed some information. I hope that this post will fill some of these gaps and

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Visual Studio source server cache

Have you ever wondered where Visual Studio 2008/2010 stores the source files that it downloads from the source server? By default they are put in your home directory under Local Settings\Applications Data\SourceServer. If you are using two different debuggers or

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