Sourcepack released

Yesterday I released a first version of sourcepack. The sourcepack is a powershell script which examines and then modifies the PDB files in the given directory to make them reference the source code archive file. It may be considered as just another tool for indexing the PDB files which uses the archive file (zip, 7z or any other) as a source code repository. So the extract operation will simply consists of calling one of the packer applications (currently 7za.exe) with correct arguments.The processed PDB files may be then copied to the symbols directory (configured in your debugger) and the debugger will seamlessly extract the source files that are needed for you to debug the library code.

Enough said, if you are interested in sourcepack you may get it here. Some documentation is available here.

3 thoughts on “Sourcepack released

  1. James Manning August 31, 2011 / 02:11

    Sourcepack looks nice, but it seems like we’re still just hacking around a limitation?  If I could put the source files in the PDB (compressed if need be), it seems like we could get rid of source servers?  If I want/keep PDB files for something, it seems like I care about debugging it, so can we just include it?

    No idea if debuggers and/or source servers could support this today or not, though. 🙂

    • Sebastian Solnica August 31, 2011 / 14:32

      Hi James, it’s actually not a bad idea:) Though, I find it to be in contradiction to the MS concept about pdb files. They were supposed to be more like links between binaries and source files, leaving the decision whether to publish sources up to the developer. But I can’t find any good (except a file size) reason why sending the sources embedded in the pdb file is not feasible:| Maybe we should hack around this? 🙂

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